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Ventilation and Roof access

Ventilation and Roof access

Besides the function of acces of daylight thrue the roof, domes can be used for ventilation. There are two possibilities: ventilation through an opening system and ventilation through the curb.

For quick mounting on the building ground, the ventilation frame, the opening mechanisme and the curb can be assemblied in our factory. The work is then reduced to mount the roofingmaterial.

Insect screens
MegaluX-insect screens prevents uninvited insects and filth from coming in through your opened dome. The screen is located between the PVC ventilationframe and the curb by which it is invisible in closed situation and it does not obstruct the light that enters.

Roof access Hatches
Domes can be used also for getting acces to the roof. The frame is then put to getter with a special locking device and a couple of telescopic slide rods. There are different versions.