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CSR. Corporate Social Responsibility
Van Deudekom Plastics believes that sustainable entrepreneurship is important. In practice, this is expressed by making fair and social agreements, sustainable purchasing and a tight focus on environmental protection. CSR within Van Deudekom Plastics is a social awareness process, energy and cost savings.

Clean Sweep NRK
With the motto ‘Every gram counts’, the NRK (Dutch Rubber and Plastics Industry) has developed the Clean Sweep campaign, which Van Deudekom Plastics has recently joined. This online tool maps where residual waste and litter can occur in the plastics and rubber processing companies and proposes concrete measures to address these issues. Each member company optimizes its operations and limits residual waste and litter inside and outside the premises. This is good for the organization and ultimately contributes to less waste in the environment.

MegaTherm daylight system
MegaTherm daylight system is a clever combination of different MegaluX products to achieve the desired insulation value (U-value) of up to 0.50 W/m²K.

A ready-to-use high quality product made up of an isolated dome with a window frame and a curb. The color, shape and material of the parts you choose from the wide MegaluX assortment. The upstand, the window and the dome are delivered together for a perfect finish and quick installation. There are two versions of the MegaluX-Skydomes available: MegaTherm PC (1) and MegaTherm Glass (2).

Both are very easy to maintain: on the inside – to maintain as a glass window and on the outside – self-cleaning like all skylights from the range MegaluX daylight systems. They are sound and burglar-resistant, fall-through safe and have a perfect air and water tightness.

MegaTherm PC and MegaTherm Glass are also very suitable to be placed between the existing dome with a curb. You can thereby directly improve the existing situation spectacularly.