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MegaluX Glass-Unit
MegaluX Glass-Unit is a completely pre-assembled daylight system unit consisting of a polyester curb with integrated HR++ glass plate.

The curb has a slight slope for sufficient water drainage and is filled with 40 mm PUR insulation. The whole unit is finished with a white aluminum frame. With the standard insert flange the whole unit can be placed quickly and easily on the roof.

MegaluX Flat-Glas
MegaluX Flat-Glass is a loose window framework that can be combined with all MegaluX curbs. The glass surface covers the entire area of the window, till the very edge. MagaluX Flat-Glass is also very suitable to be placed between the existing dome with a curb. You can thereby directly improve the existing situation spectacularly.

The MegatubE is MegaluX’s unique system that brings daylight into formerly inaccessible places. This means daylight in spaces that are not directly lit by windows or traditional skylights.

As a result of our own product development, MegaluX is bringing an extraordinary product onto the market, for which there is a great deal of interest from a wide range of costumers. After all, indoors there is nothing as atmospheric as the diffusion of entering daylight.