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Smart with Daylight

Smart with daylight

Energy saving is getting more and more important. Higher standards are required for insulation and ventilation of new buildings. This reflects in the all designs of new projects.

The importance of the Energy Profit Coëfficient (EPC) is dominating in the building industry for new and even current buildings. Nowadays the U-value standard is 2.2 for buildings and for building elements even a maximum U-value of 1.6.

Smart usage of several elements from our MegaluX-Skydomes program, you can even achieve U-values of 0.5. By means of using a super insulated dome, a curb with extra insulation and a Glass or an ISO-PC window we can achieve excellent results. Several combinations are possible to obtain the prefered result. These MegaluX-Skydomes belong to the section of MegaTherm-Rooflight systems.

These systems are carefully combined to obtain maximum energy profit, ensure a increasement of the living comfort and efficient use of materials during the developing process. Durable at Top!